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Entire home

Special project
Down sizing or moving
 Help to Organize comes in and helps to make your home/space functional. Leaving you with a clutter free, peaceful home. Time involved depends on the size of the home. The project can be completed in a couple days or spread over a longer period of time, to fit the client's preferences.

I give you the help you need to be able to have a clutter free home and keep it that way.
Do you have a area in your home you wish was organized. Help to Organize can bring this area under control and give you back your space.
The overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start or how to get it all done is real, and Help to Organize can make the transition stress free. I can pack, unpack, and haul items away. Having a extra hand makes all the difference!
Maintance visit
After a job is done, some clients fall back into old habits and need a quick visit to put everything back in place. You, as the client, decide when and how often you would like this service.
"LeAnn came over to our house and spent a total of six hours organizing and getting rid of things we no longer needed. She helped with holiday and everyday storage. LeAnn has a great system that works for my family. She not only cleaned but made a special trip to goodwill for me, the same day, to bring the things I no longer wanted/needed so I wouldn't have second thoughts about keeping it. She is so kind and respectful of my personal items. I would recommend her to anybody."
Working mother